WordPress Accessibility Plugin on Why Websites Should Always Follow the Understandable Principle of the WCAG

All humans make mistakes, and your site visitors are no exception. You can’t wholly stop your readers from committing one now and then. However, web accessibility minimizes risks. WordPress Accessibility Plugin emphasizes that errors made on your site should have little to no real-world consequences, especially if you collect personal information.


Do you plan on renovating your website for accessibility? If so, we highly recommend reviewing the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Understandable principle. It focuses on creating navigable websites with straightforward instructions. Some ways to incorporate the technique into your web pages include:

Confirming Submissions

WordPress Accessibility Plugin advises web admins to encode popup prompts and confirmations. Let your visitors double-check their submissions. A simple “Are you sure?” popup can save visually impaired folks from typographical errors or incorrectly spelled words.

Adding an Undo Button

Even with confirmation popups, some visitors might still make mistakes. Unless you don’t mind dealing with endless requests for form submission changes or edits, set Undo buttons to pop up after specific actions.

Using the Exact Layouts on Every Web Page

Use the exact page layouts on all your web pages. Position your logo, navigation bar, and search tool, among other fixed page elements, remain on the same spot. That way, your visitors will always know where to look.

Emphasizing Action Buttons

Emphasize action buttons so that they stand out from other sections. For instance, when collecting forms, you can use a different font style, color, and design for the Submit button.

Bottom Line

Note that web accessibility is measured through success criteria, not execution. Even if you incorporate all the techniques mentioned above into your web pages, you can’t call your site accessible unless your visitors find them useful.


For this reason, WordPress Accessibility Plugin encourages taking suggestions from readers. Ask them what they think about your site upgrades or if they respond well to whatever computer accessibility resources they use. Always prioritize your visitors’ needs.