How to Fix WordPress Accessibility Plugin Conflicts

How do you resolve WordPress accessibility plugin conflicts when accessing your admin panel? Whatever problems you're having with your website, you can still do a lot to fix any issues if you still have access to your admin panel. If you have access to your admin panel, you can often resolve most plugin conflicts with one of the following steps:


1. Clear the cache in your browser.

It is common for your browser's cache to retain older code and fail to reflect newly updated code, mainly after you update your WordPress accessibility plugin. Clear your cache to make sure this is not the culprit.


2. Check that your plugins are up to date.

Log in to your admin area and ensure that you use the most recent versions of all plugins, including WordPress accessibility plugins.


3. Examine plugin vs. WordPress version incompatibilities.

To check if your active plugins are compatible with your current WordPress version, you can either:

     get help from a plugin that identifies compatibility issues, critical pending updates, and more, or

     manually go to your WordPress dashboard's plugins section and check the compatibility of each plugin one by one


Deactivate any incompatible plugins. Return to your website and verify that everything is back to normal. If the errors persist, proceed to the next step.


4. Examine plugin vs. theme conflicts.

To begin detecting a theme conflict, change the theme of your site to a WordPress default. Then, to locate the conflicting plugin, return to staging, reactivate your previous theme, and deactivate your plugins one by one until you eradicate the error. If the errors persist even after a theme change, the original one is not to blame. There is most likely a conflict between two plugins on your website. Reactivate your preferred theme and proceed to the next step.


5. Examine plugin vs. plugin conflicts.

You want to look into your plugins now that you've ruled out potential theme and WordPress version conflicts. Begin by deactivating all plugins. Then, return to your website and see if that resolved the problems. After deactivating all plugins, you've successfully identified and isolated a plugin conflict if the error goes away.